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Before: Hairy

back waxing men
After: Nice & Smooth

Before: Hairy upper back

After: Nice & Smooth


Waxing for Men:

Men + Waxing = Manscaping

Shaping and Waxing Eyebrows can enhance features and can be done as a 10 minute service added to your hair cut service. Warm wax is used to remove unwanted hair and create a more flattering shape. Salon Austin stylists often trim the brows and use a product to further enhance the shaping. At times we use coloring agents to color gray or even out color or add to the effect when needed. (Be sure to reserve extra time for service)


HELPFUL HINT: After your shower and you have blotted your face use the towel to gently brush your eyebrows away from your eyes and maintain a groomed look. This is also a good time to tame them with a bit of mousse to help control the wild ones. Make this hint a part of your daily facial grooming routine. (Without eyebrows you will look like a frog. Don’t ask me how I know.)

Waxing necks: many men have hairs that escape the trimmers and prefer to have wax removal. This can be another quick 10 minute service. Waxing your neck can be combined with having your back waxed. (Be sure to reserve extra time in advance for service)

Hollywood smooth, perfect for the body builder, swimmer or cyclist because there is no shaving stubble or burrs to catch on the Lycra with waxing. It is perhaps it is the best way to show off that new ink and the hair won’t catch on the new form fitting shirt. This treatment for hair removal hurts less that getting that new ink.

So you don’t want all the hair gone. Not everyone wants to have a hairless body. For those men who just need to get control, your body hair can be trimmed and even colored if the hair is gray and or multicolored and does not provide the look you desire. Don’t be afraid to ask about combining coloring, waxing and trimming to get special effects to go with the leather on Saturday night.

Waxing backs: to get rid of that hair on the back that makes you feel Neanderthal, a 30 minute treatment to clean your back for the summer swimsuit, Spring break, or Splash. Each person has a different hair growth pattern and the wax is applied the direction it grows and is removed the opposite direction for the most efficient removal of the hair. If the hair is very long it may need to be clipped to help determine direction of growth. Body Hair Grooming, to help show off all that work at the gym you can have the chest hair trimmed or waxed. Trimming is done with a clippers or trimmer. This service is done in a private room.

Waxing the chest and abdominal area will really help to show the definition with no stubble in a few days. The hair slowly returns finer in texture. Usually this treatment will last from 4 to 6 weeks. This can be a 20 to 40 minute treatment depending on the amount of area to be treated and how thick the hair to be removed is. Waxing can be done on part or all of the abdominal or chest area for the effect desired. The shoulders are often included with the chest and or back wax to keep that clean look. It is ok to ask about a Brazilian.

Manscape 101

I was first introduced to manscaping in the 1980's by a massage therapist on Houston. He clipped his arms to keep the hair from effecting the sensations of hair rubbing against hair and skin. I then discovered that the hair on my legs would get tangled into knots when I was getting some forms of massage, so I then began to trim that hair with a clippers to accommodate that sort of technique. Later when I went to massage school I suggested that some male clients would clipper in order to get the most benefit and best sensations from their massage.

In 20 years of doing manscaping I have seen some really strange things.
First off don't be afraid to clip off some hair. It grows back then you can change it the next time. If you are not sure trimming is the best way to start in body grooming.

There are clipper and trimmer duos you can purchase for not much money and are easy to use. The trimmer, smaller one is for smaller areas. Remember to start with a larger number on your trimmer guard and work down to the smaller numbers. Some parts of the male anatomy are tricky to trim without pinching the skin. That can really smart, I know from personal experience.  If you desire to show off all your work at the gym, less hair is the way to go. If you got some new ink you probably want to show it off and again less hair shows more skin.

My preferred mode of hair if clippering is not appropriate is waxing. Shaving has stubble in a day or two waxing does not. You may get some little bumps under the skin in a few days after waxing. Always exfoliate the area waxed starting the next day to prevent any hair from getting ingrown. I started using a professional hard wax for all waxing services on men about 15 years ago.

Leave the waxing to a professional. I have seen some real at home disasters. I have had new clients come in for waxing repairs, so to speak, as they had blue wax stuck to hair on body parts that are almost impossible to wax on your own. I have had a client come in with bruises where he had tried to wax an area where he lost a lot of weight and had loose skin. If the skin is not held tight when the hair is removed, the hair will not come out, that was his problem and bruising can occur. It is also hard to get around if you have wax stuck to the hair inside of your legs. If you share a living area with someone they might like the mess most home kits can leave behind.

The numbing agent I use currently works very well. A have had more than one guy that did not think it worked until he got up from the waxing treatment, then remark about male body parts that were still very numb. Some areas take longer to get numb and I do allow them that time and start the procedure accordingly.

Even with the numbing agent it will smart when the wax is removed.

Yes every client is different in where they are most sensitive. Sometimes what you think is going to smart does not and surprisingly other parts of the body hurt more. As a rule the more dense the hair the more it can hurt.

I have never yet had a guy with the kind of problems as in "40yo V". Though I have had clients with as much hair.

The discomfort can last from a few minutes to a few hours. Most if the time it's the worst initially and subsides in a very short time. The worst of the discomfort will be over by the time you leave the salon.

The hair will lessen in density as well as dwindle in coarseness with a regular coarse of waxing. Most clients notice a marked difference after a few treatments.

I have clients who have the laser treatments done with success but years later have grown scattered hair in the areas as well grown hair in areas right next to the areas treated with the laser. Men can grow new body hair well into midlife. They can be loosing hair atop the head and grow it in other areas that are not as easy to groom.

Gray hair on some body parts does not look as good as darker even when trimmed. Some parts of the male anatomy do look larger without hair and especially gray hair. Gray hair on your head may make you look dignified but below the belt not so much.

Another thing to consider is hygiene. The hair down below can hold on to unwanted odors and smooth is easier to keep clean.

The removal of body hair creates new sensations as you are feeling whatever is touching the skin rather than the hair against the skin. Try it you be the judge.

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Waxing at Salon Austin is done with a new heaver wax that can be used in more delicate areas such as ears or the bikini area. A pretreatment can be done to slightly numb some of the area to be waxed.

After waxing treatment: is done using a special soothing and healing lotion treatment.

Don’t forget! No sun or Retin-A, Renova, Differin or Accutane right before the treatment or the next 24 hours after the area waxed. Always start to exfoliate the area waxed the second day after the waxing treatment to insure no hair will get ingrown. Ask about the best way to do this.

Remember that the waxing process does remove the loose surface dead skin cells and thus the skin is very smooth after the waxing treatment. Skin may be a bit sensitive right after the waxing treatment. Also hair has to be at least 1/28th inch to 1/2th inch to be waxed. Come for your treatment with the skin clean and free of lotions or oils.



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