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We are currently auditioning new hair color lines and until we settle on a new hair color solution that fits our requirements, we will not be taking new hair color clients.


Hair Coloring & Highlights

All about coloring your hair in one simple phrase "IT CAN BE DONE". We have been trained by experts from around the world and worked with Training Salons to test new products. We have trained with Organic Hair Color Systems, Alfa Parf, Redkin, Framesi, Wella, Joico Verocolor and Matrix Socolor.

Our Most recent training at Salon Austin for hair coloring is in the Organic Hair Color Systems. We receive ongoing special instruction for the Organic Hair Color Systems in conjunction with the Trionics and Hairmonics hair color developer.

So you want ot be a beachy blonde all year round. Many people would like to maintain the summer time beachy look year round. With multi-color applications you to can have this kind of look on your blonde hair.

T.J. worked in a special test salon in Houston for the development of the original enzyme developers in 1985-86. This special developer later became Trionics. There are six specialized developers in the line as well as several additives to help assist in long lasting beautiful colors for your hair with less damage and irritation to the scalp or hair.

Techniques of hair coloring include;

  • Temporary colors are available form rinses, mousse, color wands and coloring shampoo. All of these products can help to camouflage or blend and correct unwanted colors including grey hair. Thy generally wash out the next shampoo and are available to purchase at the salon. Some of the coloring shampoos will slightly stain the hair for several more shampoos. These are best formulated by your stylist and can be purchased at Salon Austin.
  • Bleaching - We can do full head or partial bleaching of the hair. We have the best in bleaching agents and developers. Various toning methods are used when necessary. You can look like Jean Harlow if you want without the discomfort of old time bleaching agents. The chunky bleached streaks of today can be done in short time and added into the other coloring techniques.
  • Semi permanent colors usually stay in the hair for several shampoos. They work well to blend faded ends to the rest of the hair shaft. The color can last from a few shampoos to a few months depending on the condition of the hair. Toner applications to the hair though are actually permanent hair color only last a few weeks usually because of the porosity of the hair or the exposure to elements (sun, water & wind). Semi-permanent colors can be either direct dye or a process color. They have no lifting agent, thus they do not lighten the color of your hair either natural or synthetic. Many of the current day men’s hair colors are semi-permanent colors.
  • Permanent hair colors vary and stay in the hair anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Full head color is applied to the scalp and extended out to the ends. It is usually retouched every 4-6 weeks. Many times two or more colors are used to obtain either subtle or dramatic color variations. This technique adds depth to your color treatment as well as drama when required.The processing times on the colors are 10-20 minutes with the use of the Trionics developers and The Organic Color Systems Hairmonics developer.
    Framesi 221 Special Effect is no longer available - we prefer the Organic Colour System, see below.
  • ORGANIC hair color -Salon Austin stylists are so excited about ORGANIC COLOUR SYSTEMS' new healthy alternative in hair coloring. This product does not use ammonia or ammonia substitute. Create REDs that aren't overly bright the first day and then fade quickly.It covers grey hair with a beautiful natural look. Color hair without damaging its integrity. No more burning, itching, stinging scalps or toxic fumes during treatments. Your stylist can mix the colors to make infinite color combinations, there are more than 42 colors with 5 concentrates. With all the combinations that can be made from intermixing colors your only restriction is your imagination. Create numerous color changes without fear of damage due to chemical overload. [ read more about Organic Hair Products ]
  • Highlighting and or low lighting at Salon Austin is commonly done with foil in order to be selective with where the color is applied. Highlighting is adding lighter colors in with darker colors and Low lighting is adding darker colors in with lighter colors (lighter colors can be grey hair if there is more than 50%). Multiple colors can be done at the same time as in doing both highlighting and low lighting at the same time. These techniques can last from a few weeks to several months depending on the amount of contrast to the natural color of the hair.
  • Tortoise color application on the hair is pretty and novel. This technique is done with several similar colors at one time blonds, browns, and or reds. They can be applied using foil in a slicing technique. Slicing uses foil in order to blend similar colors. This very natural technique and also be done in a Balayage style or done with the slicing technique without the foil for a very soft and more blended effect or can be applied chunky to get high drama.
  • Kissing is an easy introduction to hair coloring. In this technique a bleaching agent is painted and or combed on and dried in the hair. It has the appearance of getting highlighting from an afternoon at the beach. This technique is a quick service and many men enjoy it as it has a subtle effect. Our Kissing technique is a cousin of the Balayage technique. This service is not advised for extremely dark or previously colored dark hair as the results may not be desirable.
  • Halo Highlights are similar to face framing with various application techniques or one of the halo techniques make it look like there is a spotlight on your hair all the time by adding a ring of lighting around the head on the hair when the hair is parted a specific way.
  • Blasting is another technique that for some people is quite desirable. It is quite similar to halo highlights around the face, but more dramatic and higher contrast. Usually blasting uses a light blond color against a much darker brown or red color to frame the face. Blasting is sometimes done touching the scalp where other techniques may be kept away from the scalp with the use of foils or plastics.
  • Chunky colors colors are another currently popular color technique for some fun effects. They can be painted or foiled in to get the amount of drama you desire. You can do a full head as in a Balayage technique or just a few chunks around your face to give your color some pop.
  • Hair color repairs and corrections
    HELP! It doesn't look like the picture on the box, does it. Even if it does now, home hair color kits are designed to need as much care as salon color or more. Your hair will need to be retouched in 4-6 weeks. Home products often contain ammonia. The kits can be misleading as to the results you can get as they are designed to work on the average head of hair. We are experts at repairing and re-coloring even the worst hair color problems. We use products like the Organic Color Systems and Trionics and Hairmonics developers that will leave the hair in great condition and even take less time than some standard products. Often consultations for the repairs can be done the same day as the hair color repair.
  • Trionics Hair Color Developer is an enzyme hair color developer can do everything peroxide developers can do and much more. It does not create the damage of regular developers in depositing the color and or lifting color. It uses gentle heat to activate the product instead of harsh chemicals to blow open the hair shaft. The hair is left in much better condition, shiny and silky. The added bonus is that it also takes less time, and can often be used by people who are sensitive to peroxide only.



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