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Salon Austin Massage Therapy

TJ Stroda LMT provides the massage services. His massage style is a combination Eastern and Western styles of massage therapy. He combines Swedish and other styles structural techniques to create the most effective massage for your needs. Techniques incorporated include, Trigger Point, Trager style stretching technique, neuromuscular, Shiatsu, Reflexology, deep tissue and Myofascial release. There are both seated (chair massage) and full body massage available. T.J. also draws from special training in neck and shoulder mobilizations and exercises and applied kinesiology to assist in the appropriate massage for each client.

Relaxing atmosphere and music help take the relaxation to another level. T.J. uses a scent free water dispersable oil, and uses aromatherapy pure essential oils when requested and appropriate.

  • CHAIR MASSAGE is easily booked along with a hair cut appointment and is 15 minute hard hit service. This service is great to reduce stress and give that break from the computer. The concentration is on the shoulders neck and back. Special focus is on the arms and hands.
  • FULL BODY MASSAGE, a one hour service directed towards your personal needs.
  • RELAXATION MASSAGE is a one hour treatment that is geared to relaxation and usually incorporates aroma therapy. It is not focused on any physical problems but rather only on relaxation. This one is the big stress reducer.
  • SPORTS MASSAGE is a vigorous massage which targets muscles stressed in a particular sport. This massage is designed to restore the body to peak performance capabilities and often includes assisted stretches techniques. Sports massage also works specific areas and prepares you for a sporting event a few days before an event or can be a great benefit after the event (triathlon or digging post holes in the back yard).
  • DEEP TISSUE STYLE massage can help old injuries and work out soreness form that last trip to the gym.
  • ARMOATHERAPY - Compliment any massage or spa treatment with a custom blend of essential oils.

Massage is great to treat that stiff neck haunting you from too much time in front of the monitor.

Massage therapy is available by appointment only.



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