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Products for Men

ALTERNA HEMP SEED ULTRA HARD HOLD JELLY FOR MAX HOLD, that's the name of the product and it lives up to it. You have to see and feel this product. You thought gummy worms were cool. The product may not get you high but it will get your hair high.

ARTEC TEXTURE FREEZE is a exceptional hair spray for those times when only a spray will work.

ARUM'S COOLING CONDITIONER, is literally a cooling conditioner. Arum also has two new lines of products: ROSEMARY MINT & TEA TREE (for problem scalp). great fragrances also. This product line started locally and has grown to a national product line.

AMERICAN CREW FIBER, one of our favorite products. You get a great many looks from one product. It works well for tousled of controlled looks alike. It is easy to use and is a very popular product. Great orange fragrance. (watch out your female friends will try to borrow it)

AMERICAN CREW POMADE, for hold and shine. This extremely versatile, water based formula is great for slicked back or rough textured, high gloss styles.

AMERICAN CREW CLASSIC BODY WASH. The gel, which has been added to the American Crew regimen, has cleansing and moisturizing properties with a classic fragrance of spice and citrus. The wash conains ginseng root extract, glycerin, tea tree oi, aloe, vitamins A and E and cedar wood bark oil.

CRYSTALUX is an all natural unscented deodorant line that comes in the original stone, roll on and spray applications. This is a great product for travel as you can get it in a dry form. There is no scent to conflict with your cologne. The products have no aluminum chlorhydrates or zirconium that have been found to cause problems with lymphatic system. This product has no synthetic chemicals, oils alcohol or waxes.

KMS HAIRPLAY- MOLDING PASTE, one of Kayan's (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) favorite products. It is a great multi-task product.

KMS HAIR PLAY (PASTE UP SPRAY) is a paste in a spray form. You have all the advantages of a paste without ever getting you hands dirty. Got Ya! This is a cool way for a quick pick up for the hair. We have 2 sizes available.

KMS HAIR PLAY (TEXTURE BLAST) is exactly that a blast of texture to your hair about that fast. This product was featured on WHAT NOT TO WEAR.

PUREOLOGY is a great vegan line that uses no sulfites in its products. There are great natural fragrances in this line. They have created very concentrated products. Designed for color treated hair but are great for all types of hair. They also developed a great purifying shampoo that does not strip the hair color or moisture. The Pureology line has a product to help protect your hair from the harsh summer weather. UV protection is provided in the ColorMax product.

ZUM ZAR LOTION FOR MEN - Be the bigger man with the all-natural ZAR For Men line. No alcoholy smell, no trying-too-hard vibe, no schmaltzy waftage from your general vicinity – just the light scent of Sandalwood and Citrus. Tall, dark and moisturized. Well, ZAR Lotion at least guarantees the moisturized part. Stuff like meadowfoam seed oil, shea butter, and organic extracts of aloe vera, carrot and ginseng keep you from being left high and dry

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